Low-power GPS tracker


No need for WiFi, Bluetooth or GSM

No SIM cards required

Long battery life

Waterproof (IP67)

Geofencing via the application

Easy to install

Just 3 steps

  1. Register and activate the tracker in the app.
  2. Switch the tracker on.
  3. View your location via the app from anywhere.

I want to see a demonstration

Log in to our demo account. There are real sensors connected (including the GPS tracker), which you can play with and see how everything works.

Email: demo@iotpool.io
Password: Demo12

How do I get started?

  1. Choose the tracker variant standard or industrial.
  2. Register the tracker into the app.
  3. Activate the sensor. Activation for the first year is for FREE.
  4. Switch the tracker on and place it on the desired location.

Detailed instructions on how to connect and activate devices in the IoTpool application can be found in our quick start guide.


GPS tracker industrial: 159.6
Connectivity for the first year: 18.9   FREE