Quick start guide

How to begin?

If you want to add your device to IoTpool and activate it, here is a quick guide:

Adding devices to the app
  • Sign in
  • Click on “Add device

  • Select the device and fill in the required information. The activation section at the end may remain closed (unless you have a credit and want to activate the device at the same time).
  • Click on “Add

The device is now added to the application. However, no data is being received yet (since activation has not taken place yet).

Credit Top-up

You must have enough credits to activate your device. Here’s how to top them up:

  • Select the number of credits you want to purchase from our online shop HERE and place your order.
  • After the payment you will be generated a top-up code (sent by email and available under your user account in administration).
  • Click on the “TOP UP” button in the application and enter the generated code.
  • Click on “Top up”. If you have done everything correctly, the credits will be added to your user account in the app.

Device activation

Activation is required to start receiving data from the device. Here is how:

  • Click on the activation icon at the relevant device.

  • Select the desired activation period / price and confirm by clicking “Continue”.

  • The device is now activated for the selected time period (data is being received).