SIGFOX network

It is a mobile network for Internet of Things (IoT). It currently operates in many European countries and expands very quickly. SIGFOX is an ideal solution for transferring small amounts of data with very low power consumption. Some of our devices use this network to transfer data to IoTpool app.

Main advantages
  • Good coverage – Most of the European countries are well covered, which allows sending data from distant places. The coverage in your area can be verified here: NETWORK COVERAGE.
  • Roaming – Devices work from any country with a good signal coverage. Roaming is provided automatically and free of charge.
  • PriceThe network connection is cheap compared to a traditional mobile operator or other LPWAN networks.
  • No internet or other connection is required – Thanks to the Sigfox network, there is no need for WiFi connection, telephone operator’s signal, SIM cards or Bluetooth connection.
  • Energy consumption – The design of the network allows data transfer with very low power consumption. Connected devices can then operate for many years on a single battery.

Signal coverage:

Under roll-out

How is it connected to IoTpool app?

By registering and activating your device in IoTpool, you will get a SIGFOX connectivity automatically. The procedure is simple and quick.

An activated sensor starts to send data (e.g. temperature values) via the SIGFOX network operator to the IoTpool app. In this application, the data are decoded, saved and made available for the user via the web interface of the app.

Take a look at the QUICK START GUIDE on how to register and activate the device in the app.