GPS tracker industrial

Siotech GPS tracker je revoluční, nízkoenergetický lokátor pro sledování a ochranu vašeho osobního i firemního majetku, osob, cenností, zásilek nebo zavazadel. Nevyžaduje žádnou SIM kartu, nepotřebuje externí napájení a funguje…
3990,00  3850,00  incl. VAT

GPS tracker

Siotech GPS tracker is a revolutionary, low-energy locator for tracking and protecting your assets, people, shipments or luggages. It does not require any SIM card, does not need an external…
3630,00  3490,00  incl. VAT


Professional device for temperature and humidity monitoring from external sensors (up to 4) and with 2 binary inputs to connect various detectors. Connectivity is via WiFi or Ethernet. Fully compatible…
5895,00  4890,00  incl. VAT

PowerBOX 3Px

NETIO PowerBOX 3Px is a professional electrical socket device with 3 outputs and LAN connectivity. Each output socket can be separately switched on or off over the web interface. Integration…
4349,00  incl. VAT

PowerCable Modbus 101x

NETIO PowerCable Modbus 101x is a smart WiFi power socket and a power extension cable. Using the Modbus/TCP protocol, it is possible to switch its power output on/off and read…
3129,00  incl. VAT

PowerCable REST 101x

NETIO PowerCable REST 101x is a smart WiFi power socket for integration with third-party systems using an open API.
3129,00  incl. VAT

PowerCable MQTT 101x

NETIO PowerCable MQTT 101x is a professional WiFi power socket featuring open API for integration with cloud IoT services.
3129,00  incl. VAT


Credits for IoTpool application.

SimpleLeak – Leak detector

Sensor for water leak detection operating on the Sigfox network. No need for WiFi, Bluetooth, or GSM connection. Fully compatible with IoTpool app.  
1240,00  incl. VAT

Siglink – T&H sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor working on the Sigfox network. No need for WiFi, Bluetooth, or GSM connection. Fully compatible with IoTpool app. DEAL: Connection for the first 6 months is…
1690,00  incl. VAT

WiCub 2 – Indoor Air Quality sensor

WiCub 2 is a small battery powered device that measures temperature, humidity, pressure and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The readings are saved in 5 minutes intervals and once a day…
2990,00  incl. VAT

WiSOL WSSFM10R1AT Sigfox module

The cheapest modem chip for the Sigfox network, zone RC1 (Europe and Middle East). The module comply with CE and Sigfox Verified certification.
92,00  incl. VAT